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Two new plugins are available in 1.6 but are disabled by default.

  • Contact Creator Help
    Creates a new linked contact record for each new user created.
  • Profile Help
    This example profile plugin allows you to insert additional fields into user registration and profile display. This is intended as an example of the types of extensions to the profile you might want to create.

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FlatEarthToday @sircraig01 I suggest visiting our forum if you intend to ask multiple questions that require extensive answers. Twitter just doesn't work.
FlatEarthToday @sircraig01 @VirgoJohnny @prester_jane @Gr8Believer Repeating the word 'physics' isn't an argument either.
FlatEarthToday @VirgoJohnny @sircraig01 @prester_jane I support the Zetetic Method.
FlatEarthToday @sircraig01 @VirgoJohnny @prester_jane @Gr8Believer You have not presented any argument, but rather have simply asked to refute ramblings.
FlatEarthToday @sircraig01 @prester_jane @VirgoJohnny Maybe repeatedly saying "try again" passes for argument on 2nd rate skeptic forums, but not with me.

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